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Hot water circulator

Depending on the size and construction of the pump, failed bearings can be replaced during an overhaul of the pump. Corrosion. Internal corrosion within the pump housing and on the pump’s impeller reduces pump performance and can lead to imbalance operation.

Failed seals: There are two primary causes of seal failure in pumps; abrasive contaminants in the system and seal deterioration due to wear and tear. Abrasives, such as iron oxide, can work their way between the seal and the rotating shaft, damaging the seal. Replacement seals should be installed as soon as possible to prevent possible damage to the pump’s shaft.

Leaks: Most leaks in pumps occur as the result of damaged seals. Other leaks, though, can develop as a result of gasket failures where the pump is connected to the piping. With the exception of leaks in the pump housing, most leaks can be repaired without replacing the pump. All units will require routine maintenance. Look instead for non-routine items, such as component failure.