About Us

For critical plumbing circumstances, seek out Prospect Plumbing Co plumber skilled in these areas. Look for local, cheap rates from reputable plumbers and contractors. Prospect Plumbing Co may have a wide range of abilities, concerning anything from kitchen sinks to bathroom pipes to electric heat fixture repair. If you require new parts, he or she can obtain these necessary parts to repair and fix your plumbing, leaky pipes, or damaged sewer lines.
Prospect Plumbing Co is a family owned and operated business, serving the US. Prospect Plumbing Co pride in work has always been a cornerstone of our company. We know our success is directly dependent on repeat business and your referrals. Our mission is to leave satisfied customers for each and every job we perform, both small repair and large construction projects. The combined extensive experience and youthful energy offer a win-win solution to your small and large plumbing and heating needs. Based in Ocean County US, for more than years Prospect Plumbing Co has served customers in every county, with extensive work being performed in many part of the counties. From leaky faucets and sink drains to frozen water lines and hot water heaters and boiler issues, we specialize in repair and replacement to correct your plumbing and heating problems.