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Prospect Plumbing Co is a self-contained hydronic individual room heating system that can save you hundreds of dollars in home heating costs when replacing old and inefficient ways of heating. It has saved some families up to 50% on their heating bills in one winter.
It can replace or supplement your electric heaters and heat pumps, your oil heater or gas furnace, and your kerosene heaters and wood stoves.
Prospect Plumbing Co system will give you clean, safe, healthful and economical floor-to-ceiling warmth. You can heat individual rooms or your entire home with permanently installed baseboard models wired into your home’s electrical system, or you can heat selected rooms with completely portable units.
Prospect Plumbing Co fluid has remarkable heat retention properties, creating shorter power-on periods while always maintaining even temperature levels, even after the electricity shuts off. This principle and function is similar to hot water heating, providing the same comfortable healthful benefits.